Privacy and Security


The right to be let alone is indeed the beginning of all freedom.


Cyber security and privacy due diligence is also part of our core service expertise.

What does the word “privacy” mean to you in today’s context? For most of us, it is a need to be isolated or to isolate ourselves from others.


At Excaliburancy, however, we understand that Privacy as a right has become the grundnorm (fundamental norm) of any law across the world. While Data Protection/ Data Privacy becomes the more highlighted aspect of Privacy, the “rights of an individual” is a key ingredient in the dynamics here.

Informational Privacy is one aspect of Privacy. Privacy can also manifest itself in things beyond informational privacy and can be defined in terms of bodily privacy, territorial privacy etc. These days with the lines between the online persona and the offline individual blurring rapidly it is all the more important for the individual and organizations to keep it safe, secure and respectful of privacy.

Security on one end and Privacy and Data Protection on the other, are both different and related. The traditional view has been that privacy is a sub-set of security. However, with the scrutiny now on personal information, some may say they are two sides of the same coin – that they complement each other. What is important, though, is for legal and security shake hands in all organizations to create a resilient environment against threats both internal and external. Risk and resilience are both desirable and required

So what are your rights? As an Individual? As an Organisation?


How do you protect them?


What are the remedies against another infringing upon your rights?


How does the organization bring in cyber security and privacy for your personal data?


The answer lies in our techno legal expertise in providing cyber security and privacy due diligence, in creating privacy governance frameworks and in conducting cyber security audits, among many other services.



    • Cyber Law Infringement
    • Data Protection Litigation
    • Dealing with Brand Name distortion
    • Defamation
    • Violations of Cyber laws
    • Global Privacy & Security Laws Integration
    • DSAR Litigation
    • Advisory to individuals
    • Assessment of your privacy & security posture
    • Advisory to companies on issues relating to privacy
    • Cyber security and privacy due diligence
    • Infringement of Privacy Rights
    • Privacy governance framework


    • Risk Assessment Framework
    • Cyber security, Privacy & Continuity Audit
    • Vendor / Supplier Risk Management
    • Cyber security & data privacy due diligence
    • Privacy by Design for processes and applications
    • Privacy & Cyber Resilience
    • Privacy Impact Assessment/Data Protection Impact Assessment (GDPR)
    • Gap Assessment Analysis for Cyber Security
    • Data Breach Management
    • Data Protection Support Services
    • Cloud Computing Data Protection Advisory and Assessment
    • Data Breach Support Services
    • Cyber security audit



Excaliburancy is a techno legal platform designed to help entrepreneurs and business to protect their data technically while being compliant with laws that impact their revenues. We create an edge for our clients.

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