Providing cutting edge Advisory and Consultancy to businesses and individuals to bring about equilibriums by way of practical and implementable solutions in a crazily data driven, digitally enabled world.
WHAT WE ARE Excaliburancy is a client centric, high engagement and quality driven organization. Our focus is in providing strategic and cutting edge legal advisory and consultancy in the niche domain areas of Data Protection, Privacy and Intellectual Property (IP) and assisting clients protect their businesses while being compliant with laws.

Privacy. Data Protection. Intellectual Property. Trade Secrets. Confidential Information. Cornerstones of the world as we know today! In this day and age, it is all about the power of data and how to use it to your advantage. Knowledge is Power! The balances to that comes from the principles and laws that guide the protection of this data. We believe that the data, which lies at the heart of any individual, business or state, needs to be protected, while at the same time there needs to be sustained growth. The value proposition therefore is to makes things easier for all by crunching down legalese!Read More
DATA PROTECTION Data Privacy is typically defined as the way of keeping the Personally Identifiable information secure, whereas Data Protection is the protection of unauthorised use of data....Read More
WHOSE PRIVACY IS TRULY PRIVATE? While the world talks in the terminology of Data Privacy or Data Protection, there is also another area that is related and yet distinct.PRIVACY.Privacy can be..Read More
INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Intellectual Property in very layman's terms could be defined as property emanating from the mind of the individual. Any creation thereto is covered in the ambit...Read More

The “how” of privacy operations, and why you need it. The CIPM is the world’s first and only certification in privacy program management. When you earn...

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Genpact’s assistant VP sets up data privacy advisory firm
The legal counsel and assistant vice-president for intellectual property and data privacy at Genpact has set up a consultancy focusing on data privacy and intellectual property...
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Legislation for the ‘new gold’
George Orwell’s famous novel 1984 immediately comes to mind when reading the report and the draft Personal Data Protection Bill, 2018, which were placed before the...
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