Spreading awareness on legalese; advisory and consultancy for providing comprehensive solutions in Privacy, Data Protection and Intellectual Property.
Excaliburancy is a client centric, high engagement and quality driven organization. Our focus is in providing strategic and cutting edge legal advisory and consultancy in the niche domain areas of Data Protection, Privacy and Intellectual Property (IP) and assisting clients protect their businesses while being compliant with laws.

Privacy. Data Protection. Intellectual Property. Trade Secrets. Confidential Information. Cornerstones of the world as we know today! In this day and age, it is all about the power of data and how to use it to your advantage. Knowledge is Power! The balances to that comes from the principles and laws that guide the protection of this data. We believe that the data, which lies at the heart of any individual, business or state, needs to be protected, while at the same time there needs to be sustained growth. The value proposition therefore is to makes things easier for all by crunching down legalese!

At Excaliburancy we have the experience of advising and representing clients on legal issues as well as working with the internal stakeholders of a corporate entity – understanding and addressing their concerns while plugging the regulatory and compliance gaps. We also have mentors who have been instrumental in driving public policy and hence know governmental thought processes. We bring to the table a blend of the combined knowledge of business requirements as well as expertise in meeting extensive compliance, ethics and legal++ requirements to provide in-time, pragmatic, comprehensive and efficient solutions to issues.

Finding the right balances and providing the solutions is our forte!

Excaliburancy is a coined word and emanates from “Excalibur” the fabled Perfect sword of King Arthur and the legend behind it. From times of the lore, it has been used to denote “that which is perfect”. Apart from Nature’s wonders, there is nothing truly perfect. So, what we call as perfect is the road that one travels rather than the destination.
Therefore, from Excaliburancy, contrary to having an expectation of true perfection what you get is the drive towards that goal through the age-old cornerstones of professionalism, initiative and an innate doggedness.
The other interesting aspect of King Arthur’s reign was the fabled round table, wherein all who sat around it had a say. Bringing that ethos of the round table to this day and age, in our minds, is to have a view of the said issue from all perspectives and then making the most equitable and logical decision. It requires viewpoints and clashes of ideas for it to truly be…
Philosophy of Excaliburancy

Excaliburancy, therefore is the vessel which gives you exactly that, a professional guide providing practical and implementable solutions to issues. It is also a means to share experiences and learnings in the world of Data Privacy, Intellectual Property and its related fields.

  • Respect of Privacy of self and others
  • Respect for Protection of Information of others both Personal and Data in general
  • Respect for the value of Intellectual Labour

Founder’s Profile

Srinjoy Banerjee
With an extensive experience of close to two decades, Srinjoy’s core expertise lies in the niche areas of Data Protection, Privacy and Intellectual Property (IP). Prior to setting up Excaliburancy, he has served as an in-house Counsel as well has been a paid partner with an IPR firm. He is a Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe (CIPP/E), a Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM) and a Fellow of Information Privacy (FIP) from International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). He has also undertaken a certification from the Data Security Council of India (DSCI) and is a DSCI Certified Privacy Lead Assessor (DCPLA). He is closely associated with the DSCI and IAPP. He is also a speaker on issues in relation to IP & Privacy on many national and international forums. Srinjoy is an alumnus of the Delhi Law Faculty. In keeping to the tagline, Srinjoy believes in the concept of balancing of rights. The dynamics is to work with businesses, individuals and State to bring about equilibriums in data jurisprudence.

MissionSpreading awareness on legalese; advisory and consultancy for comprehensive solutioning in the areas of Privacy, Data Protection and Intellectual Property.